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From the Editor

Little children are creative creatures that filter all the sensations of the world through their tiny, pure heads and release clouds of words and thoughts that can leave you inspired or with nightmares of murderous imaginary friends. But children can’t always capture their creativity in written words. Adults can type 40 words per minute, but life responsibilities can get in the way of their creativity and leave their words stale.


But between children and adults are the teenagers, those perfect animals trapped in a liminal state of rebellious chaos and a bell schedule. Teenagers remind me of spiders. Both cause an innate sense of fear or annoyance in most people, but I can’t help wanting to nurture them because if you give them the space to live on their own terms, you get to witness the creation of some of the most wonderful, unique works of art. The pieces featured in this edition are lovely strands of silk written by teenagers who have both brilliant perceptions of the world and the knowledge to express them in complete sentences. 


Corina French

Guest Editor

Youth Services Librarian, MCPLS

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