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 LiJune Choi, Hanok Facing the Lanterns

805 Teen Issue | Volume 5

From the Editor



Kassandra Haakman, Full Circle
Tanisha Tekriwal, 3rd June, 1943
Paris Cipollone, City of Devils
Hilary Malamud, Mrs. Ridgewood


​Alexandra LeBaron, The Big House

Kylie Lynch, Selfish

Ruby Marshall, Animal Behavior in Humans: A Study in Evolutionary Biology




Andrew Schenkus, Becoming a Polaroid
Sarah Lao, A Study in Chiaroscuro

Uma Menon, Demon

Miranda Rodriguez, Note to Self

Elena Lee, The Hole in the Bagel

Ottavia Paluch, Mirage

Jessica Schott-Rosenfield, Bits and Patches of Garnet

Anonymous, Troll

Tanisha Tekriwal, Hiraeth


Damaris Chamorro, The Truth in Your Perception

LiJune Choi, Hanok Facing the Lanterns

               The Two-Faced Me

Noemi Culo, Color Being

               The Antagonists

Randy Hartmann, Portrait of Dancer

Sue-min Agnes Jung, Descent

               Blue Mask

Alex Jaebin Lee, Fractured Self

               Laura and Jenny

Syed Afham Qadri, Kashmir: An Exemplar Eden

Jaden Rose, Mirror Fears

Jaahnvi Shastri, India: Deconstructed

Sarah Yun, Broken


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