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Note to Self


Miranda Rodriguez























​​Miranda Rodriguez is a 19-year-old purple-haired nuyorican cat lady with an affinity for writing emotional and witchy stories while watching thrilling sci-fi movies and shows. Her hobbies include but are not limited to: cuddling with her incredibly lazy cat, gorging herself on well-seasoned food, and trash talking any pizza that isn’t from any of the boroughs. She stargazes and stormwatches, forever seeking perfect photos with her Nikon D5500, who is named Nicephore, and aiming to generate true and raw stories of the problems she—and many others—have faced that people often shy away from, like trauma and mental illness. She knew she wanted to be an artist from the ripe young age of six, and hasn’t stopped creating since.

you relentless soul

made of galaxies and woven from comets

once bruised and battered

drowned and near-dead

but still you rise again and again

unafraid to love and be loved

you trembling star

marked with the times you spilled yourself

in crimson nebulas and comet tails

to make sure you were still living

and you were

every single time

you ancient moon

glimmering oddity shimmering into the night

scarred and beaten though you may be

you lift yourself on and on and on

into the endless night

still here, still here

you galactic dreamer

beautiful bruised indigo mess

lover of life

caretaker of all

you are so much stronger

than you think you are

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