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From the Editor


Yashasvi Arunkumar, Roja

Jeff Frawley, The House Behind the House

Virginia Petrucci, The Woman in the Sky



Victoria Armet, T-Minus Five Years to Self Destruct 

Carly Mastroni, When You Meet God, Could You Tell                       Him I'm Sorry?


Nikki Ervice, Velveeta

Alexis Groulx, Hurling

Jiannaka Limonta, The Way Down

Caitlin Thomson, Untrustworthy Clock



Kayla Branstetter, Park Adventures 1

             Park Adventures 2

             Park Adventures 3

Waters Breedlove, Home O G

             OPT series of dreams

Leah Dockrill, It was an attempted intervention

             Why You Should Tend Your Garden

Jada Fabrizio, The Cheshire Cat

             The Conqueror Pig

Leah Oates, Cedarvale

             Don Valley

Unicorn Reyna, Ray of Sunshine

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