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Editor's Note

Welcome to our first issue of 2023, just in time for spring to unfurl itself in front of us, much like the gorgeous flowers on our cover art by Annalee Parker. Inside this petal-graced issue you’ll find art, prose, and poetry by seasoned writers as well as several debut creators we are excited to celebrate. 


Anthony Alegrete’s debut poem, “家族 (Kazoku),” beautifully shows how our cultural heritage acts as a creative force guiding us forward. “Our Guide to Girlhood, for the Curious Boys,” Alyson McVan’s debut nonfiction essay, cheekily summarizes the impossible double standards girls are taught. Sierra Tufts’ debut flash fiction, “I Won't Say It's Okay,” touchingly describes the last moments with a loved one, and Kirby Michael Wright’s debut art “Dog Art” closes out this issue with a colorful burst of canine love.  


Thank you to all the talented contributors in this issue for sharing their keystrokes, brushstrokes, and imagination with us. Looking forward, readers can expect two more issues in 2023 as 805 turns eight this year. 




Stephanie Katz 

Editor in Chief 

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