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Cover Art:

 Walk Among the Wildflowers,

Annalee Parker 

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2023

Editor's Note



The untold ghazal of Gaza, AGNA  

家族 (Kazoku), Anthony Alegrete 

“You’ll amount to nothing, and nobody will ever love you.”

         Elya Braden 

How a Month Becomes a Tidal Force, Jill Michelle 

My Gender, a Wildfire, Haley Pate  

At the Library: Montreal, Quebec circa 1950, Beth Brown Preston 

the druid and the bard, Carina Stopenski 

on home, Nikki Visciglia 

The First Time, Cynthia Robinson Young 

San Diego Botanic Garden, Chryss Yost  

Flash Fiction

Long Gone, Shane Vande Brake 

Vulnerability, Now and Then, Soramimi Hanarejima 

Filled with the Spirit, Catherine A. Kelley 

A Floor, Rebecca Pyle 

I Won't Say It's Okay, Sierra Tufts   


Short Fiction


Crash Landings, Jeanne Althouse 

all strings attached, Anna Chu 

God of Vengeance, God of Light, Dorene O'Brien  

The Stag, Haley Pate  

Creative Nonfiction

The Modern Way of Storytelling, Ashley Haberberger 

Hungry But for All the Wrong Things, Joy Kohol 

Our Guide to Girlhood, for the Curious Boys, Alyson McVan  

Footstool Sister, Martheaus Perkins  

Cody, Kiley Woods 



Fishing, Anton Amit 

The Snail, Nataliia Burmaka 

Traps, Megan Holley  

Memory of Eye, Jaeyeon Kim 

Them Bones, Ners Neonlumberjack  

Walk Among the Wildflowers, Annalee Parker 

Cerrillos Road, Rebecca Pyle 

Petunias, Janis Rauch  

Lost Keys, Uzomah Ugwu   

Dog Art, Kirby Wright 

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