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Clear Reflections

Jadynn Bachman

I walk to the lake

Before others wake.

Not quite twilight,

The stars shine bright.


The moon is full,

Clear water is cool.

Under the big sky,

A swan swims by.

She’s an image of perfection,

Graceful even in her reflection.


Her head dips down,

To show her shimmering crown.

While she takes a drink,

I ponder and think.

Wide white wings reach out to the side,

Racing across the lake she prepares to glide.


Once in the air,

I can only stare.

Looking back at me,

She helps me to see.

Jadynn Bachman is 14 years old and homeschooled. Her poem “Clear Reflections” won an Honorable Mention in the 2022 Manatee Libraries and 805 Teen Poetry Contest.

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