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Lily Kehres

Love is an obstacle

An intricate lie—

A tether, a rope,

A chain that we climb


It can hold us down low,

Weigh down our minds—

Or it can lift us up high

So new peace we may find.


Sometimes it’s instant,

But it can creep up inside

You don’t realize it’s there

Till you break and you cry.


Oftentimes we hear heartache,

The pain that resides

When love is unfinished

Felt on only one side.


I’ve been told that’s why one

Must use themself as a guide

Love themself first

So they have strength left to fight.


Fight one’s own demons

Of pain, hurt, and plight

Or, if you’re lucky,

To fight alongside your “right.”


But how, my dear muse,

Can I find my own light

My own “happy” and goals

While you’re trapped in my mind?


To live is to love,

So for you I will fight

And though I’m not “finished,”

You aren’t a choice I can hide.


‘Stead I’ll love from afar

‘Till with myself I’m alright

Perhaps one day later,

Together we’ll climb.

Lily Kehres is 16 years old and attends Lakewood Ranch High School.

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