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Lily Kehres

Life is a thread

A strand of existence

So fragile and narrow

Yet of binding insistence.


We take it for granted,

We forget that it’s weak

So we yank, pull, and tear

Till our stitches may leak


Life is also like fabric

Threads woven to cloth

As our stories compile

And our life paths may cross.


But how twisted it is

When someone acts as a guide

A needle to pull you

Through the fabric of life


They hold you together

And stick by your side

While driving their point

Deep into your mind


Your heart may get shattered

Your thoughts may decay

Because life’s a thin strand

That often will fray.


And the one that holds you,

Protects your weak seams

May soon turn to be

Your worst enemy.

Lily Kehres is 16 years old and attends Lakewood Ranch High School.

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