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I am Fermenting, by Ellen Gwin

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

In my bitter sixteens I tasted like sweet, succulent blackberries. As dark as I presented myself, my skin oozed red sap onto anyone with lingering touches, and my leaves unwillingly engulfed the entirety of the world around me.

At eighteen, I felt elevated and acidic, like luscious red raspberries. I wanted to be sweet but with a bite. I wanted to touch every part of every body, every tip of every finger. The lingering touches did not satiate my hollow center. I wanted you to soak in my acidity while you relished in my sweet disposition.

At twenty, I became a multi-seeded, multi-faceted pomegranate. I was easily plucked, but not easily opened and once inside I was not one, I was full of many. I did not know myself and neither would anyone else. Eat me and you will never see winter again; I will bring eternal springs but that is all you will ever know.

At twenty-five, I am a grape: rotting into a tasteful drink. Soon, I will become fine wine but for now I am shriveling. I strive to taste both sweet and acidic, my drink made of many. Be patient and pure intoxication may lead us to a happenstance connection.

Abstract painting of flowers
Everlasting, by J.E. Crum

Ellen Gwin is from Mississippi. She graduated cum laude from Loyola University New Orleans with a BA in English Writing. She also studied French and ballet at Sorbonne University. Currently, Ellen teaches two and three year olds at a preschool while applying to various universities to gain an MA in poetry. This is her debut publication.


J.E. Crum is a fantastical artist who creates vividly abstracted variations of self-portraits inspired by mythologies such as dragons and mermaids—just to name a few. Working intuitively, Crum creates personal narratives related to thoughts about fate, destiny and the meaning of dreams. J.E. also has an exciting career as an elementary art teacher of nearly one thousand children a week in rural locales of central Pennsylvania. Crum believes in the power art possesses to bring happiness to others.


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