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Sweet Ignorant Bliss

Reva Gandhi

Laze in the clouds

Glide through the breeze

Shoot for the stars

Always aim to appease


Hope for the best, if only you believe

But never let anyone bring you to your knees


I wish we could go back to those good old days, 

Where we could sit around and tell ourselves that we’d be okay


We played by the rules,

We hoped for the best

But none of my memories ever stood the test


Life’s too short to mend that shattered glass,

Splicing my soul, causing my heart’s collapse 


The walls caving in,

Until I can’t see

Slowly intoxicating my ability to breathe


I can feel the end, for it is here

Is anyone listening, 

Is anyone near?


Begging for mercy,

Begging to be free,

The thunderstorm is crashing all around me


Life’s too short to exist through the days

Spending time living in a dark, shallow haze


We pretend it doesn’t exist, 

And we live in a sweet ignorant bliss

Reva Gandhi is seventeen years old and attends Lakewood Ranch High School. “Sweet Ignorant Bliss” won third place in the Manatee Libraries and 805 Teen Poetry Contest.

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