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If I am a daisy

Ellie Ashlock

If I am a daisy 

He would love me not 

For when I leave

Our love will clot


If I am a rose

Then my thorns will overload 

And slowly stab my thoughts 

Till my head explodes


If I am a dandelion

Then I am carried away

Losing pieces of myself 

As my life is delayed 


If I am a sunflower

Then the sun is too bright 

I will always face away 

Looking forward into the night


If I am a lily pad

Then I will drown 

For I am too heavy 

My life is a countdown 


If I am a plant

Then I will not thrive

For sunlight is a necessity 

That I will always deprive

Ellie Ashlock is fourteen years old and attends Manatee School for the Arts.

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