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Dark Perception

Alexa Barber

Yet another night where it doesn’t quite feel like the day has subsided. 

The sun is long gone, and the moon is most present.

It is the most unusual hour, as it is not quite night and not yet the day.

Yes, the moon is out and you couldn’t see 6 feet in front of you without a light, but is this truly what night is?

Or is night merely a concept of our own making, used to fool us into thinking it is a time of peace?

Do we know the night is the most natural state of the universe but is this so? 

How can we be certain if we aren’t even certain what the depths of our oceans hold? 

We can’t be certain of anything when there is so much we are yet to discover 

Nothing is of absolute certainty

Everything can change

Including our perception of the night, or even what we think night is

Nothing makes sense in the universe, we will all die and all we will see then is the night

For the night holds the good and the bad, the angels and the demons

No one truly knows all that goes on under the dark blanket of the night

Maybe that’s for the better, maybe it’s for the worst 

It’s all about perception

Everything is perception 

Even the night.

Alexa Barber is fifteen years old and attends Manatee School for the Arts.

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