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Dreams of the Sky

Robert Hines

Everything knows of the sky,

Blue and beautiful,

They don’t ask why,

But the sky goes on, smooth as a musical


Are there dreams of the sky?

“How many?” you may wonder,

You may not know, but if you do, then don’t lie

“How Many?” there’s something for you to think and ponder


Some call the sky “The vault of Heaven”

The very opposite of Hell,

While “The vault of Heaven” is beautiful and luminescent

Meanwhile in Hell, it’s just darkness, fire, and screams and yells


The sky may have dreams,

Just like a human being does

Someday, we will find these so-called “Dreams”,

Ask me why I write about these dreams and I’ll say, “Just Because”

Robert Hines is fifteen years old and attends Manatee School for the Arts.

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