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Surviving the Darkness

Laila Ward

The darkness deeply rooted in my soul

Moaning and groaning the dark ghoul

Squeezes, crushes any sense of light

Oh how I dread when day turns to night

The sun dips and the moon starts to peep

Where that too friendly feeling starts to creep

They screech and scream

Their evil eyes gleam

I give in, it pulls me down

I think it, I see it, it wants me to drown

Drip, drip, drip

Drop, drop, drop

It’s so dark and cold

But then a speck of gold

Pulls me back to the top

So fast that even the darkness can’t stop

I’m free as a bird in the sky

Below I can hear its dark cry

Sometimes it tries to pull me back

Sometimes it tries to seep through a small crack

But then I think of the speck of gold

And that thought trumps the dark and cold

Laila Ward is fourteen years old and attends Dr. Mona Jain Middle School.

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