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Uma Menon






Uma Menon is a student and writer from Winter Park, FL. Her writing has appeared in Dark River Review, Rookie Magazine, Borgen Magazine, and others. She is a columnist for Step Up Magazine and an editor for Polyphony Lit. Uma is also a nationally-ranked debater and an activist for marginalized groups.

when the sun rises i feel you

writhing under my skin.

red suits you, there’s no need

to wear it under your skin but

i want to discourage you;

the same way you push me

into abandon buildings that i

won’t call home.

the day summer comes i

need you to leave; ghost town

isn’t for you nor me.

war paint for you

is ink that faded away

before it touched you. every

time i see the ocean i

imagine you sinking as she

swallows you whole. roses

that wither in your hand bloom

inside my throat. breathe,

swallow, savor the taste of

defeat. it isn’t new.

when the sun sets i feel you

sinking under my teeth.

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