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Simple Flower

Madison Curran

She’s a simple daisy

A wildflower in a field of grass

Sensitive and sweet

Strong yet petite 


Her stem is strong and holds her toward the sun

Don’t break it, she’ll fall and that’s no fun 

Her petals shown loud and proud, all of her true colors 

Don’t put her down or all her petals will all come crashing down


The field of grass she’s grown in is full of all kinds of flowers

What makes her special

Her petals, so beautiful so colorful in the light

Her stem, so strong, so powerful and upholding of her flight through life


This flower crumbles, so be careful with it

This flower stumbles just like every other 

This flower’s bright and full of color

This flower is almost like every other


But the flower inside is not like any other 

It blooms and grows whenever it feels success 

It’s delicate and careful with its friends

This flower is one you’ll want to keep close till the end


This flower is loving and caring

This flower is careful and daring

This flower may be small, but will make it through it all

Madison Curran is fifteen years old and attends Manatee School for the Arts.

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