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Volume 9 Issue 2 Cover.png

Cover Art: At the Beach, by Michael Noonan 

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2023

Editor's Note



Gray Twilight Zone, by Alan Altany 

Spring Water, by Jaime Balboa  

Magpie Love, by Ella DeFrance  

dryad saddle, by Robin Gow 

the matriarchs, by Madison King  

Everything Was Going to be Better, by Victoria Melekian 

Figs, by Pauline Peters  

Flash Fiction


Beach People, by Melissa Fitzpatrick  

Feral, by Dmitra Gideon 

Fantasy, by Samantha Joslin 

Mayflowers, by DS Levy  

Florida Brush Wolves, by David Patterson  

The Color of Forgotten Dreams, by Christine Vartoughian 


Short Fiction


Sea Salt, by Amber Cherichetti  

Puppy In My Hoodie, by Diane D. Gillette  

Hidden In The Kingdom of Giants, by Amy Kelly  

Millennial Elysium, by Nicholas Wright 

Creative Nonfiction

The Secret Stories of Shoes, by Lizzie Bellinger  

Autonomy, by Dmitra Gideon   

The Baby Vortex, by Jessica Lynne Henkle 

Always, Forever, by Melissa Lee   

Humanity in a Coffee Shop, by Caroline Stanton  



Love Letters to the City, by Ann Calandro 

The Gladiolas, by Melinda Giordano 

Interval, by Carlos Lorenzana 

At the Beach, by Michael Noonan 

Liberty, by Marilyn Whitehorse 

Trouver la Fortune, by Ernest Williamson III  

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